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I love doing keyword research.  It quickly opens your eyes to all the What-is-a-keyword-tool-for-jaaxy-reviewendless possible niches on the internet and avenues to make money online.  Some of you may be new to keyword research and are wanting to know what is a keyword tool for?  Today we are going to talk about what keyword tools are for and I am also going to talk about my favorite keyword tool Jaaxy and how to use Jaaxy to uncover endless keywords to profit online.

Product:  Jaaxy

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Where Can I Get Jaaxy:  Here

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What Is A Keyword Tool For?

A keyword is a word or three or four words that might describe what a potential customer may be looking for.  For instance have you ever googled something you want to know about?  Lets say you wanted to buy a new pair of Nike shoes online at the best price.  You probably went to google and typed in “Nike Tennis Shoes” and google delivered you the best search results based on the keywords you typed in.  Those are keywords.

Now lets look at the flip side of that scenario.  Lets say you are a business owner and you are trying to get people to your website to buy a pair of Nike tennis shoes.  How are you going to get people to notice YOUR website and come to buy YOUR Nike tennis shoes?  The answer is simple.  You will need to select the best low competition keywords with the highest amount of traffic to drive customers to your website.


Better yet if you are wanting to start a new business online and want to know how much competition you are up against a good keyword tool can quickly show you a good niche to get in to and give you profitable keywords for that niche.  So in a nutshell that is what a keyword tool is for.

The Problem With Most Keyword Tools

So at this point the light bulb may have come on in your mind and you are getting excited about some possibilities you have been tossing around for a new business.  Keywords are at the core of driving traffic to your online business.  If you pick bad keywords to place in your website articles and product descriptions you get NO TRAFFIC.  If you pick good keywords to put in your articles and product descriptions you get A LOT OF TRAFFIC.

The problem with most keyword tools on the market today is they don’t give you the right information you need to pick the best keywords.  They will give you tons of numbers, metrics, and data to dazzle you with but in reality you are not getting good solid and accurate information.  So they got your money and you got nothing but more confusion and another product giving you COMPLETELY USELESS information.   I know because I’ve been there done that three times.what-is-a-keyword-tool-for

A Few Things You Need To Watch Out For When Buying Keyword Tools

  1. Anything that you have to INSTALL on your computer.
  2. Anything that provides PPC Guesstimates.
  3. Anything that uses Alexa as the key factor in determining competition.
  4. Anything that requires several searches to accomplish a singular task.
  5. Keyword tools that do not pull results from ALL search engines.

These are indicators that you are looking at low grade keyword tools that are going to provide you with ABSOLUTELY USELESS INFORMATION. These type of keyword tools are incapable of delivering the true data that you need to pick great keywords.  Remember..  Keywords are what will be delivering customers to your business and generating traffic.

What The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is About

As I mentioned earlier I have bought three expensive keyword tools in the past.  I’m not going to mention their names but they were a complete waste of my time and money.  Sure they gave me tons of data but in reality I only wanted to know which keywords I needed to build my business with.  I had no desire to comb through mountains of data  hoping I was looking at good information and crossing my fingers in hopes my online business would miraculously take off.  I just wanted good keywords so i could get on with running my business.

There are three main factors I look for in a good keyword.

  1. How much traffic does the keyword get.
  2. How much competition doses the keyword have.
  3. Does the keyword make sense. (common sense grammatically)what-is-a-keyword-tool-for

Jaaxy can ACCURATELY tell you how much traffic a keyword gets and how much competition a keyword has.  It’s important that the data be collected from all the search engines and the data needs to be accurate.  Jaaxy delivers!

Keywords with low competition and have a good amount of traffic are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ready.  This means its a good keyword to grow your business with in the search engines.  If you can find good keywords with low competition and good traffic you can literally dominate your niche by making videos that contain good keywords or creating written content relevant to that keyword.

It is truly that simple to dominate in your niche but you have to have good data to know which keywords to use.

I just gotta stop here for a second and let the information I just gave you soak in.  I just gave you the keys for true success online.  The creators of Jaaxy (Kyle & Carson) also created Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches how to build a successful online business from the ground up.  These guys actually teach what works and the reason I’m telling you this is to save you from spending your hard earned money and time on keyword tools that are useless and online marketing training and business training that is useless.  I believe there are too many people out there who will sell you false education and useless keyword tools and they know their products and training are useless.  Just a word to the wise.

Finding “Money Making” Keywords With Jaaxy

Most people today struggle with what niche they should get into because they fear the niche may be too competitive.  In fact most keyword tools out there will scare you out of just about every idea you come up with based on inaccurate data.  It is a very frustrating scenario for new potential business owners.

If you have GOOD DATA you can truly see the potential you are missing out on.  This is where Jaaxy comes in to play.  Let’s look at some current data for two of the biggest niches on the internet.   I wonder if there is room for us?

Niche #1  Dog Chew Toys


This is a screen shot for a search I just did inside of Jaaxy for “dog chew toys”.  Jaaxy instantly delivered 30 excellent keywords in about 15 seconds.  You can only see about 15 of them in this screen shot but if you could scroll down there are a total of 30 good “moneymaking keywords”.

Not only did Jaaxy deliver but check out the simple and easy to use data Jaaxy delivered.  Let’s break this down real quick.

  1. Avg – The average number of searches the keyword receives monthly.
  2. Traffic – The number of visitors to your website with a first ranking in the search engines.
  3. QSR – The number of competing websites in the whole world ranked in Google.  This is an important factor.
  4. KQI – Keyword quality indicator.  Green is good, yellow is ok, red is poor.
  5. SEO – An seo score based on traffic and competition.  The higher the score the more likely you will rank this keyword on the first page of Google.
  6. Domains – Jaaxy will give you the domains available for the specif keywords.
  7. Brain Storm – Jaaxy will give you a list of similar keyword ideas to help you build a list of great keywords.

This is all the information you need for great money making keywords to use for your niche and it only took me about 15 seconds to uncover.  This is completely AWESOME!  Lets look at another example..

Niche #2  Wedding Accessories


Again Jaaxy delivered 25 excellent keywords for wedding accessories (green), 2 were poor (red) and three were ok, (yellow).  This only took me around 15 seconds to find.

Jaaxy is a great brainstorming tool to find all the keywords you need to successfully dominate in any niche.  I can create  successful campaigns “at will”  because I know how to find an unbelievable amount of keywords. When you have access to a tool like Jaaxy you can uncover things that no other keyword tool can access.

These were just broad or general keywords.  You can use Jaaxy to get very specif and find the finely tuned keywords tailored for your exact business.

In less than one minute we found enough keywords to drive and dominate in two very competitive niches.  I can promise you had I tried to find these keywords with other keyword tools I’ve tried in the past (3 very popular and expensive keyword tools),  I would have been turned away, discouraged, and shut down from these niches.

Jaaxy will truly show you the keywords no one is using and you can quickly and quietly dominate your niche one keyword at a time.  I did not have to comb through the mountains of data to try and figure out if the keywords that came up were good or not.  I got my keywords in 30 seconds.  Now I can get back to running my business.  I Love Jaaxy and You Will Too!!

Choosing A Jaaxy Plan That Fits Your Budget

I have just shown you a few things that Jaaxy can do.  Jaaxy has so many other functions that are available to you like:  Brain Storming or Niche finding Functions, The Ability to Find Where Your Websites Are Ranked in Google (what page are you on), Find Affiliate Programs,  Analyze Your Competition Websites, Create Your Keyword List And Store Them, and a lot more.

There are three levels of Jaaxy to fit your budget:

  1. Jaaxy Starter = FREE
  2. Jaaxy Pro = $19 per month, $199 per year
  3. Jaaxy Enterprise = $49 per month, $499 per year
  4. what-is-a-keyword-tool-for

Choose The Jaaxy That Suites YOU Here.

Jaaxy is web based and is available anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection including your phone!  By accessing Jaaxy on your phone you now have a pocket sized keyword checker you can take with you anywhere.  Say you get a great idea for a new niche and want to check the keywords just pull out your phone and check them on the go.  Often times my best ideas come to me out of the blue and Jaaxy is a great tool to have with you at all times.

Are you ready to try Your OWN Personal Jaaxy search?  Use the Jaaxy keyword research box below,

 Try Jaaxy Today!  Your Online Business Will Thrive.


I hope this article was helpful to you.  If you have questions about Jaaxy or any other questions feel free to leave them in the comments below.





8 thoughts on “What Is A Keyword Tool For? – Jaaxy Review

  1. For a while I was using SEM Rush for keyword research but for the price I didn’t feel like I was using all of the features that site offered. It did offer several useful tools but then I came across Jaaxy for a whole lot cheaper. I love how Jaaxy rates each keyword and shows you your competition you are facing along with projected traffic for the keyword if you rank. With this tool I was able to fix SEO for several pages on my site. I definitely recommend Jaaxy for anyone looking for a solid keyword research tool.



    1. Hi Anton,

      Thanks for reading my article. I have tried 3 other keyword tools in the past too and did not have a lot of success with them. The reason for this is because they simply could not give me simple and accurate data to make decisions with. Thanks for commenting about Jaaxy and I agree that it is the best keyword tool and the best price. If you want real results you need to use Jaaxy.

  2. Hi Mitch,

    When I first started internet marketing, I didn’t even know what a keyword was. I thought all I had to do was find a blogging site, write about something a couple of times per week and I’d be set. I look back and cringe at how naive I was.

    I’m in a very competitive niche and this sounds like a great tool to do some serious keyword research. Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Sophia, Thanks for taking the time to read my article. There is a lot to learn when we first start out on the internet with our own blog or business. A Good keyword tool sure can make things so much easier. If you are in a competitive niche you will most definitely need a good keyword tool and I do highly recommend Jaaxy.

      I’ve tried other keyword tools in the past but they were too confusing and did not give the results Jaaxy does. If you want to try Jaaxy for free just click here. You will get 30 free searches to see the results Jaaxy can bring to you quickly.

      Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. I am currently using a free keyword tool, but Jaaxy looks a million times better. I love the Keyword Quality Indicator; that instant visual shows me if I am heading in the right direction with my research. Luv it! Brainstorm is another awesome tool that I would use. Thank you for this post!

  4. Jaaxy is absolutely great! It’s my favorite keyword tool, because it’s so simple and easy to understand. No unnecessary options or anything like that. Simple keyword finder. I love how it allows you to do 30 searches for free so you could try it out and see if it’s the right tool for you.

    1. Hi Rich,  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  As my article says I have tried other keyword tools in the past and Jaaxy is simply the best hands down.  Easy to use and very effective.  Thanks for reading and leaving a valuable comment.  


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