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“Videos done for you” is a great option for the busy entrepreneurs who really do not have time to get involved in the creation of their marketing videos but they know what they want and can just get online and type in “Make Me A Video” and a list of companies that will make your video for you will come up.  All you need to do is select the company you want to use and they will make your video for you.  How easy is that?  I knew you would love this option.



You may be wondering how does this work?  Well there are video websites out there who will let you browse the work of some of their top video producers.  When you find a producers work that you like you can put in a job request  to do a 30 second or a 60 second promo video for your business.  Another way to do this is to put in a description of what you are wanting done along with your budget and the producers who want to take on your project will give you a bid.  You can pick the person you want to do your production by asking them to “make me a video”.   Usually you pay half the cost up front to the company you are working with (Viedit for example) and the other half once you receive the finished video to your satisfaction. The company will take your payment and pay the producer. This is also nice because the price is pre-determined and both parties agree. I have listed a few companies below that you can check out.  These companies are not listed in any particular order.


Make Me A Video



1. Viedit


This is a service that works just as I described above. Decide your own budget, receive offers from Viedit’s movie makers. They do video editing, animation, camera work, and full video production. You will definitely want to check these guys out!


2.  Flixpress


Flixpress is a little different than the pick a producer and place your bid method we mentioned above.  You sign up for Flixpress and just point and click to what you would like in your video and they make it for you.  It has some really great features:  Customize text on their pre made videos, you can upload your own video and audio, Royalty free video and audio library, 3d objects library, video special effects and annimation, and live actors.  Here’s whats really cool.  You can get 2 minuets of free video every month.  If you need more you can sign up for a paid package.  Ten dollars a month will get you commercial use rights to some awesome videos.

3.  Sellamations 

sellamations logo

Sellamations will make you a “doodle animation” that makes for great eye candy.  Pricing starts around $297 / minute.  This should include animation, script, video editing and voice over work.  This is not a bad price for the work they are putting into the project and for a short marketing video you should only need 30 or 60 seconds to get you started.  Just send them your email and they will contact you for a conference call and you can work out all the details.


4.  Veedme 


Start out by browsing VeedMe’s catalog of videos to find a style that you like.  You can sort by price, and type of industry you need until you find what you are looking for.  When you find a creator that you like, just start a chat with that creator to get a price quote for your project.  Be sure and let the creator know your video needs.  Next you can pay Veedme partial payment and get your project created.  You can work with a lot of talented people here.  What you waiting for?  Check em’ out!



4 thoughts on “Make Me A Video

  1. Hi Mitch

    I’m definitely finding some great information on your site. For an established site that has a good income, being able to have videos done for you seems like a great option. It’s great to know that there are options for almost every scenario that you could run into. I really like the idea of being able to have a set price and then a creator bids on the work you need done. Thanks again for the excellent information.

    1. Hi Robert, Thanks for taking the time to read my article.  Make Me A Video is a page I created just for people who have no interest in making their own videos but want a quality video made for them.  If you want a video done for you all of these companies will do you a great job.  I think it works best to hire your video done through these companies because they offer a level of protection to you in case your video is not done correctly.  You pay part up front and the remaining balance once you approve your video.  

      Of course having your video created by someone else requires quite a bit more time to get your project completed, and cost quite a bit more.  It is a great option if you got the cash.  Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you need anything.


  2. This looks like a great option for those business owners who maybe want to use video but don’t have the skill or the desire to make their own. Some of these can get a little pricey, so they may not be the best option for someone just starting out with a limited budget. But for those who are more established and want to take their business to the next level, this might be just the ticket.

    1. Hi Andy,  Thanks for stopping by.  This is exactly why I added this information to my website.  Some people just don’t want to mess with making a video but they want to take their business to the next level and add video marketing their business.  This is a good option for them.  


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