The Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review


Welcome to The Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review.  Today we are going to talk about what Wealthy Affiliate is and the type of training you can receive at Wealthy Affiliate.

Overview – First off let me just say the training at Wealthy Affiliate starts with an excellent FREE package which includes some very good online marketing and business training to help you set up and grow your online business.  You will also get 2 free professional websites that you get to design and you also get free hosting for your websites.  Keep In mind all of this is free. You do not have to give out your credit card number to get started.

The training you get at Wealthy Affiliate is all about setting up your own successful online business and building a professional website for your business.  You will learn all about discovering your niche, keywords and how to use them, social media, how to format your website for rankings, and much more.

You get a Ton of excellent Free Information when you join Wealthy Affiliate.  I mentioned above that I couldn’t really find any cons with this program.  I Really Can’t, but there is so much training that you may feel overwhelmed.  Thankfully the training is very structured and interactive.  The thing you have to keep in mind is this is not a race.  Take your time to learn and absorb the information here.  It is Life Changing.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About

Wealthy Affiliate is an educational platform where you can go to learn the correct way to successfully build your business presence online.  They offer everything you need in one place to grow and manage your business online including two free professional websites and secure and fast hosting.

Wealthy Affiliate has over 850,000 active members and thousands of training modules to help you learn and grow.  The education is very structured and organized so you know what you are suppose to be doing next in order to progress to the next level of training.  Among the Wealthy Affiliate members you will find beginners just starting out and very successful millionaires that really know the ropes and struggles of internet marketing.

The thing I find most impressive about Wealthy Affiliate is the willingness of others to help you when you have a question.  It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or where you are from in the world, there is always someone there to offer assistance when you have a question.  It is not uncommon to find the owners of Wealthy Affiliate sending you a personal email to see how your training is going and answering your questions one on one or to see them interacting with other members within Wealthy Affiliate.


Why Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate

If you are reading this article you are probably very interested in learning about internet marketing, setting up your own online business, and affiliate marketing.  If you’re like me when I started out you have probably been bouncing from scam to scam and working your tail off trying to figure everything out and getting nowhere.  There is a very simple and specific order to set up your internet business and getting it off the ground.

The thing is, it takes a little time and hard work.  Most of us are in such a hurry to make millions of dollars online that we are passing up the legitimate training that Wealthy Affiliate offers.  Cool your jets long enough to Get The Training You Need.  I promise it won’t take away that fire burning inside you to succeed.  It will speed the process up and you will finally have success.


Here are some of the things you can expect when you join Wealthy Affiliate and start your training.

  • Wealthy Affiliate is completely FREE to get started.  ( No catch just good training.)
  • No Credit Card Required to start the free training.
  • A Strict Policy Of No Spam.  No one is going to try and sell you anything unrelated to your training or otherwise.
  • Access to Millionaires and Experts in the internet industry.
  • Two free professionally designed and beautiful websites.
  • State of the art fast and secure hosting.
  • 24/7 Live and interactive help.  There is always someone to help you out if you have questions.
  • More than 14 fully interactive classrooms.  The training is very good and structured for your success.
  • More than 650,000 helpful community members with live chat.
  • Tons of video training, classroom training, tutorial training and courses to ensure you learn the right way to do things.
  • The “Getting Started Training”  is completely free and simplified to lay down your foundation.
  • Many more benefits

Let me just say that there is nowhere else on the internet where you can get so much SOLID training with two free websites, secure and fast hosting, and experienced people who are willing to help 24/7.  By the way the websites are very easy to build yourself and you can choose from thousands of designs.  I personally found that the training far outweighed the free websites but that is just my opinion.

When I found Wealthy Affiliate it was like i had been lost in the dessert for years struggling and someone gave me a cool glass of water and said Welcome!  The Training Blew Me Away!  I know you will absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate Designed ForThe-Honest-Wealthy-Affiliate-Review

Wealthy Affiliate is designed to help anyone who wants to learn more about internet marketing.  It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to internet marketing or if you run an already successful online or offline business.   The training at Wealthy Affiliate can help everyone at any age, any skill level, and anywhere in the world.  All you need is a computer or I-pad with a internet connection.  When you access the members area you will be surrounded with like minded people who will help you succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools and Training

  • Well organized and structured classrooms on specific topics.
  • Task based courses.
  • Live weekly training classes.
  • Video training you can access at any time.
  • Tutorial Training.
  • Live weekly training classes.
  • Live interactive discussions.
  • Question and answer periods.
  • Keyword and keyword competition tool.
  • WordPress Express 3 click website builder.
  • Low competition cherry picked keyword list.
  • State of the art unlimited cloud hosting for premium members.
  • 2,400 plus website themes and templates.
  • Ability to add over 30,000 different features to your website.
  • Many more features included.

This may seem like a lot of training and it is!  That is the whole point of Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to learn how to successfully build an online business and learn how to build out your business as large as you want then this is the best training on the internet. EVERYTHING you need to build and run an online business is waiting for you at Wealthy Affiliate.  It is an all inclusive training and business platform.

The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is that you are never alone.  If you have a question there is always someone there to point you in the right direction and help you with the answers you need.

What Will I Be Doing To Make Money At Wealthy Affiliate

There are many things that you can do to make money online.  I believe the most important thing you can do is pick a topic that you are interested in and know a little about.  How about that??  You can make money by doing what you like and are interested in.  There are litteraly 100’s of ways to make money online.  At Wealthy Affiliate you will learn many different ways you can make money online.  You just need to pick an interest and get the training you need to succeed.The-Honest-Wealthy-Affiliate-Review

At Wealthy Affiliate you will be taking your passion and learning how to build a business online.  It all starts with a niche website and ends in multi streams of income being generated from your website.  Remember the training is for complete newbies to current marketing masters.  This is a ground up training and no experience is required.  If you are interested in trying the free starter training with wealthy affiliate you can get signed up here.



Get Two Free Websites With Wealthy Affiliate & SiteRubix

Are you ready to get your free websites set up and get started with the great training at Wealthy Affiliate?  SiteRubix is built by Wealthy Affiliate and comes with all the great Wealthy Affiliate Training.  When you sign up for your free websites you also get the free starter training to show you how to build a successful business.  Why wait any longer?  You have nothing to loose and everything to gain and it is FREE!  You can build a Free WordPress website Right Now by entering your desired Domain Name Below.

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing Plans

Starter Membership:  Free 

Premium Membership:  $49 per month 

When you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter for $O you will get instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community and let me assure you they will make you feel right at home.  You will also get live chat, over 500 training modules, 3 classrooms, 2 free websites, free keyword tool, networking, commenting, make new friends in the business, and on and on.

I think it is probably best if you join Wealthy Affiliate under the free starter program.  That way you can see for yourself the quality of training you will receive and you can play with the website builders and get a feel for the whole program without spending one penny of your own money.

There truly is no other training program in the marketing industry that offers so much training and 2 professional websites for zero cost.  The only thing better than the $O cost Starter Program is the Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate Premium The-Honest-Wealthy-Affiliate-Review

Wealthy Affiliate Premium was developed to eliminate all the other cost to running your online business.  If you add it all up you can quickly see the money saved by doing your unlimited fast and secure hosting for up to 50 websites, e-mail, virus and malware protection, training, and research within Wealthy Affiliate.  Everything and I mean everything you need to run your business online is inside Wealthy Affiliate.

I will make a personal promise to you that you will never again be scammed or pay for things you do not need and you will be given the correct information by professionals to start and build your business the right way.

My Final Opinion Of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is completely LEGIT.

Join today for Free and get started.  No credit card and No Hassels.  Be sure and set up your account so you can get started with your free training.  If you like the training then sign up as a Premium Member to take full advantage of all the training and tools available to you.

BONUS:  When you sign up as a Premium Member Kyle and Carson the owners of Wealthy Affiliate offer a 59% discount on your yearly membership.  That drops your monthly cost down to about $19.  This is an Awesome Deal.

If you are into internet marketing, are an entrepreneur, business owner, or want to learn how to be successful online then I know you will love Wealthy Affiliate.  Save yourself all the years of struggle trying to figure it out on your own and get the training you need to be successful.

Remember the old saying:  It’s Easy If You Know How!  You will never know what you have been missing until you set up your free starter account with Wealthy Affiliate and experience true know how.



Are you ready to change your life?  Do you want to set up the online business you have been thinking about?  If you do not take action it will never happen.  I’m offering you a way to make that dream come true Right Now.  Get your Free websites and Free Training Right Here, Right Now!  I will see you on the inside and will help get you started with your training.  This is your beginning to the life you have been wanting.  See you on the inside!


Final Summary

Name:  Wealthy Affiliate Online Training

Owners:  Kyle and Carson

Overall Ranking:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Read Real Testimonials:  Read Reviews

I hope you found my review of Wealthy Affiliate helpful.  If you have further questions I encourage you to leave them below. I am happy to answer your questions and help in any way I can.  Also feel free to leave your personal review or experience of Wealthy Affiliate.  I would love to hear your feedback.




8 thoughts on “The Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

  1. Hi Mitch! I like your review about Wealthy Affiliate. I never really liked the sites where I have to pay first before I can try the product. I have a question: Do you think it worth it to stay a free member? I know people who maybe would not pay for this but would do it for free. Is it possible to earn money like that too? Because They would need experience about it, that it’s profitable.

    1. Thanks for the comments Steve,
      One of the things I like most about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can try the training for free. No credit card is required and the people at Wealthy Affiliate really care about giving you quality educational material. To answer your question Do I think it’s worth it to stay a free member?? Well I think that is going to depend on the person taking the training. Absolutely stay on as a free member until your business grows to the point where you see the value of the training and need to go premium to further your education and growth. You can earn as you learn. As your business starts making money you should invest that money back into your business and Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to invest in your business. You can earn money as a free member and then scale up. I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you need anything or have further questions.

  2. Hi Mitch, that’s a nice detailed review of Wealthy affiliate you have done. I have gone through the training and I can say it’s one of the best out there. I have been through some other programs (before I joined WA) and they are not any close to comparing with Wealthy Affiliate. I just wish I never wasted so much of my time and money on other training that leaves you stuck and hanging in the middle. I hope your review saves someone the heartache of these scam sites that are popping up everywhere.

    1. Hi Ami,
      Thanks for taking the time to read my review and for your compliments. I agree with your statement that the training at Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best out there. In my personal experience I have not found any other training on the internet that even comes close to the training and tools available at Wealthy Affiliate. I too have tried many different programs and did not get anything from the training except a big fat bill!
      Wealthy Affiliate allows new members to learn completely free and there is no where else like that. Most places want your credit card number before they even know your name and what you are all about. The reason I wrote this review is to help save others from the mistakes I’ve made and speed up their training. Thanks for stopping by Ami and please let me know if you have more questions or I can help in any way.

  3. Hi Mitch!
    This is a nice review! I like how you gave some information about what is to expect in Wealthy Affiliate from the beginning! I’m also going through the training and it is amazing all the information and tools inside the platform. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Anthony,
      I couldn’t agree with you more. There are A LOT of great tools for business owners at Wealthy Affiliate. I know when I joined it was a true eye opener and the way the training is structured it makes things so much easier. Some of the training I’ve tried in the past only gave you part of the picture and you were left hanging to figure out everything else on your own. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the whole plan for a successful online business from the ground up. Another thing I like is the training is FREE to start out and get your feet wet. I did not want to spend money until I could see the actual training. Once I got involved in the training it was a no brainer for me. Good luck with your training at Wealthy Affiliate and let me know if you need anything. I’m always happy to help.

  4. Hey Mitch,

    After being in many training programs that don’t deliver, learning techniques that just don’t work today, one tends to get frustrated very fast.
    It’s good to find information on the Wealthy Affiliate platform as you have shown you can start free with the Starter Membership where no one is going to sell you anything. Thats worth its weight in gold 🙂

    But after you join are there any up-sells and do they pressure you to do so?

    Look forward to your reply.


    1. Hi Markus,
      Thanks for taking the time to read my review. I can relate to how you feel about wasting your time and money on worthless programs that promise everything and deliver nothing. It’s true that you can start for free with Wealthy Affiliate and no credit card is required to try the training. I promise no one is going to try to sell you something. And yes that is worth well more than it’s weight in gold!

      So after you join Wealthy Affiliate as a free member you get to try out the training for free for 7 days. During this time you will get some great training on how to properly start your online business (The right way) and you will also get two free websites that you can design any way you like.
      This is some great current training and professional websites. I promise you will not be disappointed. No one is going to pressure you to do anything. If at the end of your 7 days you decide the training is not for you, you walk away with some great free training. If you decide you want to continue your training you can do that also. It is a great value for the amount of professional training you get.

      I think you will find the people who are a part of Wealthy Affiliate are very helpful. Honestly.. I’ve never seen anything like it. The people are so friendly and truly will help you any way they can. Give it a try and please let me know if you have more questions. You will find me on the inside along with over 850,000 other members ready to help you succeed.

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