How To Make A Video For A Song – Easy Steps

Have you ever heard a song and How-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-Song-Easy-Stepsyou knew that song would be perfect to make a video for a wedding, for a family reunion, for graduation, birthday, or any other event that calls for a special video?  Today I want to talk about how to make a video for a song.

If you are reading this it is very likely that you need to make a video to go along with a special song and it’s probably for a special event.  It could be that you just want to do it for fun or it may be for another reason.  Regardless of the reasons or the event I can show you how to get this project done.

Steps To Make A Video For A Song

1.  Pick The Song You Want To Use – The first thing you need to do is pick the song you want to use to go along with your video.  You will need to get a copy of the song and store it on your computer for later use.  An Mp3 or Wav file usually work best.

2.  Gather Some Photos and Video Clips To Use For Your Video – Gather up some pictures, photos, and video clips that you think will go along with the video you have in your mind.  Don’t worry yet about how to put it all together.  Once you have the pictures, photos , and video clips you need to upload them to your computer.  For photographs you will have to scan them in.  If you have a smart phone there are several goodHow-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-Song-Easy-Steps Scan Apps that might work for you if you do not have a scanner.  Transfer the video clips from your phone or camcorder to your computer and store them where you can find them later.

3.  Open Your Favorite Video Creation Software And Edit Your Video – Video Creation Software is the software you will be using to tie all of your pictures, video clips, and your song together.  If you do not have video creation software  I have a page on my website that list some good free editors you can try here. If you are interested in some more advanced Video Creation Software I have some great recommendations here.

Steps To Edit Your Video

Step 1 – Open your Video Creation Software and the first thing I would do is lay down the sound track with the song for your video.  The reason I want you to start with the audio track is because this will help you organize all the other pieces for your master video.  The length of the song will determine the length of your video.  When you paste in the audio track for your song you will see the length of the song.  Most songs are between 2-4 minutes long.

Step 2 – Sort through you pictures and video clips.  This is where you want to prioritize and narrow down how much of your material you will be able to fit into your video.  Remember.. along with your material you will want to create some sort of video opener or introduction and you will also need a closer for your video.  I tell you this for the sake of making a professional video / this sets the stage and directs your viewers attention and you need to know this for time constraints.

Step 3 – Now that you have your photos and video clips organized it’s time to start pasting them into your video time line.  It will depend on the type of video creation software you are using as to how this is done.  Some video creation software will allow you to make your own scenes exactly how you like them with animated text, animated sketch, and animated characters imposed on top of your photos and videos.  This is a great way to liven up your video.How-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-Song-Easy-Steps

Now that you have your photos and video clips laid out on your time line they should be about the same length as your audio time line.  Now is your chance to tweek your project and add in or take out what you do not like.  Be sure and watch your new video as you go along.  Listen to the music and see how it’s fitting with the pictures and video clips.  Everything should flow nicely.  Play back the video and make adjustments until you are happy with your video.

Take your time and have some fun with this.  Once you get your video just the way you like it be sure and save your project on your computer where you can find it.  It’s important to save the project every little bit as you are making your video just in case something happens.  This way you won’t have to start all over.

Step 4 – Now that your video is saved you may want to think about adding another audio track to your video for a voice narration. The pros call it a voice over.  The voice over track is nice if you want to add the personal touch to your videos.  This is especially nice if the people watching the video will know your voice.  This is your chance to get in the little jokes, punch lines, or share a special memory on a photograph or video clip you used.

You do not have to do a voice over but It is the icing on the cake.  To do a voice over you can record your voice as the video plays.  Most good video editing software will allow you to do this.  Be sure and save your project after you get your voice over added.

Step 5 – Save your master video in an HD format.  Now that your video is complete you need to save your video in an HD format.  HD stands for High Definition.  If you do not have the option to save in HD that is ok, but HD is a better quality format.  Save your master HD video on your computer so that you will always have it available to you.How-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-Song-Easy-Steps

Now that you have your video saved on your computer it’s ready to be played for your viewers.  You can upload your video to wherever you want and will always have it available to re edit on your computer.  Tip:  If you will be playing your video online you will need to host your video.  You can host your video for free on YouTube.  I wrote an article on how to do this and you can read it here.

Step 6 – If you created your Video to be played at a special event you can play it directly from your computer and project it upon a screen or if you hosted your video on YouTube you may be able to play your video from your phone.   Ask the person in charge of your special event venue to make arrangements for your video presentation.   They should be able to tell you what technology they have available and get you all set up.

These are just some basic steps to help you get moving in the right direction.  I wrote another article about creating a slideshow with music that you may find helpful.  You can read it here.

More About Creating Videos

If you are interested in learning more about creating your own videos my website has a lot of great information available to you.  I use and recommend Explaindio Video Creation Software and I also recommend VideoMaker FX.  Both of these video creation software packages make it very easy to create your own videos.  You can make videos to go with songs, marketing videos for your business, Wedding Videos, and the list goes on and on.  Just click on the highlighted links to read my reviews on them.How-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-Song-Easy-Steps

If you enjoy making your own videos you may also be interested in learning how to start your own online business.  A lot of people are making a great living with their own online businesses these days.  You can be one of them.  I can teach you how to start your own online business with free training and 2 free websites.  If you are interested just click here.

I hope you found this article helpful.  Please let me know if you have questions or comments.  Please leave them below.  I’m always happy to help you out. Here’s to your new video!!  I will say Cheers and Great Job in advance.  I know you can do it!!



6 thoughts on “How To Make A Video For A Song – Easy Steps

  1. Hi there and thanks so much for sharing this great how to guide on adding a song to video. How would I get on if I wanted to do this for a video to upload onto YouTube? Are there any copyright constraints I’d need to consider? Hope you can help. Cheers, Karen

    1. Hi Karen,  Thanks for taking the time to read my article and leave me some comments.  There are directions on how to upload a video to YouTube here in this article.  Hope this helps.



  2. Hi Mitch.

    This article has peaked my interest in making a video. I want to be doing this soon. You laid out all the steps for me; so I will be able to come back and read again when I am ready to create.

    I love videos. I wish I had had this knowledge for my parents funerals. I’ve seen some beautiful videos at funerals. It would also be a great gift for a birthday or wedding anniversary. Or perhaps I could do a music video with one of my own songs.

    I don’t have any software, so I was thankful that you mentioned a some free video creation software that I can download.

    Thanks for an informative post.


    1. Hi Jeannie,  Thank you for reading my post and leaving me some comments.  The video creation software that you decide to use will really make a big difference in how easy it is to get started making your own videos.  This is why I recommend Explaindio and VideoMaker Fx.  Both software packages are inexpensive and easy to learn.  I also have a page on my website for free video creation software you can start out with but the learning curve can be a little tricky for some of them.  Thanks for stopping by and let me know if I can help.


  3. I make trailers all the time for my businesses, and I will tell you that picking the right song is the trickiest part. Especially when adding in video as opposed to photos, capturing the mood is tricky. n top of this if you are doing sub two minute videos, you will have t tastefully cut your music or fade the audio at the end. It can be challenging but is totally worth it in the end. Excellent write up!

    1. Hi Joe,  Thanks for reading my article and leaving me some comments.  I agree, Music is a very powerful tool especially to capture emotions.  This is why people love music so much.  I will have to write an article about editing audio for video in the days ahead.  You bring up a good point.  Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have more questions.


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