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Welcome To Easy Marketing Videos.How-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-School-Project-Be-The-Best  Today I want to talk about how to make a video for a school project.  School projects are always a lot of fun.  Sometimes they can be stressful and a little planning and organization will see you through almost any project.

Making a video for a school project is not hard and today I want to talk about some simple steps you can take to get your video project off to a great start.  I’m going to give you some basic fundamental steps you need to follow to ensure your video turns heads and gets the grade you are looking for.  Let’s get started.

Things You Will Need

  1.  A Video Camera
  2.  Video Creation Software

These are the two main things you will need to create your own video.  There is no need to go out and spend a bunch of money.  You probably already have a nice video camera on your smart phone that will work for you or you know someone with a nice video camera that will probably loan it to you for an afternoon.

If you need video creation software I have some free software recommendations I will share with you and I have some inexpensive video creation software recommendations I will share with you that is great for a project like this.

Steps To Make A Great Video

1.  Make A Plan –  The first thing you need to do to get your project on video is to make a plan.  This first step is crucial to making a good video.  The main reason people fail at making their own videos is because they skip this step and or some of the other steps I will be listing.

Sit for a minute with a pen and paperHow-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-School-Project-Be-The-Best and do some brain storming.  Think about some quick ideas you already have for your video and jot them down real quick.  Then think some more about how you plan to get the video shots you are thinking about.  Write down your ideas.  It’s important to write your ideas down because this helps with the creation process.

So now you have some creative ideas written down about how you want your video to go.  You need to also think about if you are going to be on camera, if someone else is going to be on camera, or maybe you are just going to video your project and no one will be on camera directly.   It will just depend on what kind of project you are working on.  If it’s a project that has a lot of people involved I would plan on getting everyone involved and on camera.  People love to watch videos of other people.

The big thing with making a plan is you are organizing your ideas and planning on how to accomplish your project.  A plan is where every successful projects starts.

2.  Do Some Research – Now that you have done some planning and have an idea about how you want your project to go it’s time to do a little research on the topic of what ever your project is.

You may have already done some research when you decided on your project.  Make sure you do some current research on your topic because you need to have the latest information available to be the expert.

When you make a video about something it’s important to have all the facts and information available.  Share this information with your viewers.  People love information and people are looking for an expert when they watch a video.  This is your chance to be the expert and share your expertise in your school project video.  Be The Expert.  Be well informed and this will come across in your video.

3.  Make a Script – A Script is an important tool because it defines how you will be communicating with your viewers.  A script is about what you will say and how you will say it.  This is very important and a lot of people skip this step and it shows up in their videos.

A Script will also determine what happens when.  It is a road map for everyone on the project to be where they need to be and say what needs said at the right time.

The script is your communicationHow-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-School-Project-Be-The-Best tool and is always different depending on what kind of project you are working on.  You do not have to write down every little detail but you do need to write down the main conversation points you need to have with your viewers.

Do not think you can just wing it when you get in front of the camera.  You have already made a plan.  Stick to the plan.  You have already done your research and are the expert.  Now just jot down what you need to tell your viewers and how you want it said.

Keep your script notes handy.  When you get on camera you will know what to say.  Sure you can still wing it some but because you have a script you will always know what to talk about and wont forget to mention something that is important.

If you shoot all of your video clips and start putting together your video and then realize that you forgot to mention something then you are going to have to go back and re do your video clip or clips.  A script will prevent these kind of errors and a script will make you look like a true professional on camera.

There is nothing worse than watching a video of someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about, they are stumbling through their words and the video lacks organisation.

4.  Shoot Some Video Clips – By now you should have a good working plan and done your research and know how you want to talk about your project on camera.  Now it’s time to go out and shoot some video clips of your project.

It’s best to shoot shorter video clips instead of one long drawn out video.  When you shoot short video clips it makes it easier to do your edits down the road.  Break up your scenes and projects in to shorter segments.  This will make it easier to manage your script as well.

Some things to keep in mindHow-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-School-Project-Be-The-Best when you are shooting your video clips:  You need to make sure you have plenty of lighting when you are shooting video.  Turn on all the lights.  Shoot your video near open windows where there is plenty of daylight coming in.  Shoot your video outside where there is plenty of daylight.  There are different options you have for lighting.  Just make sure you show up good on camera.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the audio.  Your video camera has a microphone on it and will work ok to capture your audio.  You need to be close enough to the talent to make sure we can hear them good.  Make sure there is not too much background noise.  It’s best to shoot your video in a quiet spot.

A Best practice is to shoot 10-30 seconds of test video to make sure your audio and lighting are good.  Once everything is good you can move on to shooting your video clips with confidence knowing everything is good.

There is nothing worse than going out and shooting all your video clips and then coming back to edit down and your video clips are no good.  By shooting some test video this will save you a lot of time.  In fact all the steps I mentioned above will save you a lot of time and headache.

Once you have all of your video clips complete you can upload them to your computer for safe keeping and they will be ready to put together your master video.

5.  Put Your Master Video Together – Now that you have your video clips done it’s time to put all your video clips and photos together for your master video.

To put together your master video you will need a good video creation software.  I recommend Explaindo or VideoMaker FX.  Both of these software packages are inexpensive, great for beginners, and make it super easy to put together a great looking video.  I also have a page dedicated to free video software you can try out if you do not want to spend money on good video creation software.  You can check out the freebies here.

Open up your video creation software and start loading your video clips to the video time line.  I usually put things in a rough order and then go back and make final adjustments.  Take your time and play around with your video clips to get everything just the way you like it.

You can also add in photos to your time line and add animated sketch to your photos or your video clips.  This is a great way to add facts and zero in on special details.  Use arrow pointers, circles, highlighters, etc to help illustrate special information and details.

If you are using Explaindio How-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-School-Project-Be-The-Bestor VideoMaker FX you have some really cool and easy to use text animation.  This is a big attention getter.  Explaindio can sketch any photo you add in and then turn the sketch to the actual photo which is a great effect.  Explaindio will also sketch the beginning of your video clip and then turn it into the video.  Pretty cool

Most video creation software packages will give you the option to put in some background music, (soundbed) or voice narration, (voiceover).  Both of these are nice effects to add in to a video where appropriate.  You can add your voice from inside the software you are working with.  This is a great way to explain what is going on or to add in a joke or comment.  Make it fun!

Some things to keep in mind when making your video is to keep things moving and try not to make edits that interrupt the flow of the video.  You want to create a fun, entertaining, easy to watch video that holds peoples attention.

When you are making your video think about it like..  Would I enjoy watching this video?  This is a best practice.  People watch videos for information and entertainment.  Try to give your viewers a little of both and you will have created a good video.

Once you get your video just the way you like it, be sure and save all of your work so you can come back anytime and make any changes you want.  It’s a good idea to save all the hard work you have done.

After you save your video edits it’s time to make a master HD quality video.  Your video creation software should give you the option to create a master hd video you can save on your computer.  The software you are using will just make a master video clip from the video you just put together.

Be sure and save your master hd video clip where you can find it on your computer.  This way you can upload your video to the internet or share it with friends.

That’s A Wrap

The above steps are basic steps to get you moving in the right direction.  If you have these steps in play then you will be able to create a good looking video for a school project or any project.  If you have questions please leave them below.  I’m always happy to help out.

Keep in mind that the more videos you make the easier it will get.  It’s just like anything else.  A little practice makes you better and better.  I like using Explaindio for my projects.  It’s supper easy to use and inexpensive.  VideoMaker FX is a great package too.  Both software packages will allow you to make 2d, 3d animations, Whiteboard Sketch Video, and Full Motion HD Video.

If you are using some of the free software I recommended then you will be able to make some great videos as well but the learning curve may take you longer to master and you will be limited to the type of effects you can use.


Take some time to look around on my website.  There is a lot of great free information here to help you get started making your own videos.  I also have a lot of good information on how to start your own successful online business.  I will leave some links just below if you are interested you can read more.




Thanks for stopping by and if you have questions or comments please leave them below.  I will get back to you.



6 thoughts on “How To Make A Video For A School Project – Be The Best

  1. Hi there,
    Many thanks for this interesting and informative post. you have simplified something that frightens a lot of people here. Making or shooting a video sounds like a daunting task, but the way you have broken it down into simple steps, makes light work of this exercise.
    All or most of our phones nowadays have great movie capabilities, so it would be generally inexpensive to make a good quality vid and post it online.
    I have bookedmarked this page for future reference.
    Many thanks again
    Cheers Phil Browne

    1. Hi Phil,  Thanks for readidng my article and leaving some comments.  Making a video seems to scare a lot of folks.  If you break it down in to simple steps it’s a lot easier to start making your own videos.  The more videos you make the easier it becomes.  Let me know if you have questions or need help.


  2. This is a great tutorial, I especially like the video about how to make a video for a school project. I like the way the drawings turn into pictures. You mentioned that you like to use Explaindio for your videos. Is that what you used to create the drawings in the project video?

    1. Hi Pierre,  Thanks for reading my article and leaving me some comments.  The effect that changes the drawings into real pictures is one of my favorite Explaindio effects.  I use Explaindio to do all of my videos so far.  It is a simple to use software that is great for beginners and pros.  Explaindio is also inexpensive and a great value to get started making professional looking videos.  Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have more questions.  


  3. I am looking to get into creating videos, but because I don’t know a lot about editing and special effects (that and I am hesitant to get on camera or do voice overs) I have been really putting this off.

    Your approach of a structured plan is exactly how I would approach it. I am thinking of maybe getting a voice over done by someone else. Would it be easy to add a voice over to the video in Explaindio or Videomaker?

    1. Hi LInda,  Thanks for reading my article and leaving me some comments.  For some reason making videos seems to be intimidating to a lot of people.  It’s really easy and just takes a little practice.  With Explaindio or VideoMaker FX you really do not need to know much about editing or special effects.  Both software packages are set up to make everything super simple.  

      A structured plan will ensure your success and enable you to make a good video.  Yes you can have a voice over done for you.  I would put the video together first and then see how long the video is and lay out the timing for your voice over.  Once you have a voice over done for you all you need to do is plug in the mp3 or wave file the voice over is on into your video.  It is that simple to add a voice over or sound bed to your video.  

      I use Explaindio for the most part and you can read more about Explaindio here.  Please let me know if you have more questions.  Thanks for stopping by.


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