How To Make A Video For A Business – Drive Traffic

If you have your own business the most important thing you need for your business to thrive is traffic.  Today I want to talk about how to make a video for a business.  A Good Video can help drive traffic to your website and local brick and mortar business.

A Good Video will also allow you to introduce yourself as the business owner and tell people all about your business.  You can make a special video for a sale or event coming up.  There are several different styles of videos that you can easily create to promote your business and today I want to show you how to get started.

The Advantages Of Making Your Own Videos

1.  Huge Cost Savings – If you have a video made for your business you are easily looking at a couple hundred dollars per video.  That is the low end average cost for a short 1-2 minute video.   Often times you will pay much more than that.  It just depends on who makes the video for you.

If you want to learn how to make your own videos you are looking at $47-$59 for video creation software to get started.  I will tell you about my software recommendations in a moment.  Once you have your own software you can make as many videos as you like and all you have invested is the cost of your software.

2.  Time Savings – By making your own videos you canHow-to-make-a-video-for-a-business save yourself a lot of time in production turn around.  Say you need a video for an event coming up next week that is short notice.  You can make your own video in about 20-30 minutes.  IF you want to have it done for you, you may have to wait several weeks to get it completed.

3.  Creative Control – When you start making your own videos you will have complete creative control over how your video looks and the script and all elements of your video.  Sometimes it’s easier to just do it your self rather than trying to tell someone how you want your video produced.  If you decide you want to change something you can instantly go in and make a change.

4.  Ability To Edit Anytime – What if you need to make a quick change to a video you have out?  If you are making your own videos you can go into the master video at anytime and make all the changes that you want.  It will not be a hassle and it won’t cost you anything.

If you had the video made for you, you will now have to contact the company or person who made your video and describe the changes that you need and pay them to make the changes and wait on their production schedule.

5.  Any Time Access To Your Master Video – When you make your own videos you have 24/7 access to your master video.  This means you can post your video where ever you want when ever you want.  You do not have to get permission to access your video and pay a fee to the person or company that made your video.

6.  You Own Full Rights To Your Videos – Often times the copyright for a video is owned by the person who creates the video.  This means if you are paying someone to produce your videos for you then they own the original copyright that they can sell to you if they choose to do so.  This is just more fees to add to your video production.  Who ever owns the copyright has full control over how the video is used.

Even if you are making your own videos there are many software companies that will say they have rights to your video and you have to pay the software company every time you want to use your own video.  Stay away from these video software companies.  There are many of them out there ripping people off every day.

I will show you two software packages you can use and you will own full rights to all your videos with no extra cost involved.

7.  Make Marketing Videos To Sell To Other Businesses – As you become proficient at making your own videos you may decide you want to start your own business making videos for other businesses.  This is a very lucrative business model and you can be a huge help to other business owners looking for someone to make their videos for them.

Recommended Video Creation Software

Today I want to show you two full video creation software packages that are great to get started making your own videos. Both packages are similar and are designed to make it easy for the beginner and are powerful enough to meet the needs of professional video producers.

1.  Explaindio – Explaindio cost $59 per year to use and you can make as many videos as you like and have full rights and access to your videos with no extra cost or fees.How-to-make-a-video-for-a-business

With Explaindio you can make 2d and 3d animated videos, Whiteboard Sketch or Doodle Videos, and Full Motion HD Video.  You can easily make all the different styles of video on the market today and you can also combine all the styles into one super engaging video.  If you want to learn more about Explaindio just click on the link below.



2.  VideoMaker FX – Video Maker FX cost $47 one time feeHow-to-make-a-video-for-a-business and you can make as many videos as you like and have full rights and access to your videos with no extra cost or fees.

With VideoMaker FX you can make 2d and 3d animated videos, Whiteboard Sketch or Doodle Videos, and Full Motion HD Video.  You can easily combine all the different styles of video to make a super engaging marketing video.  If you want to learn more about VideoMaker FX just click on the link below.



Both of these video creation software packages will do a great job for you and make it  supper easy to get started making your own videos.  Be sure and click on the learn about buttons above to learn more about each software package.  If you have questions about the software packages just leave your questions at the end of this article and I will be happy to assist you.

Steps To Making A Great Video For A Business

Step 1 – Gather information about the business you will be creating a video for.  This may be your own business and you may be thinking I already know all there is to know about my business.  Please gather information about the business you are creating a video for.

By Information I mean things like: When was the business started?  What are the goals of the business?  What is the mission statement of the business?  Where is the business? Is it just an online business or is there a physical location you want people to visit?  Do you have current Ad Slicks?  What does the business specialize in?  Are there discounts available?  How long have you been in the business?  What makes you the expert?  What problems are you solving?  etc..

Step 2 – Do some current research on the business niche.How-to-make-a-video-for-a-business  If you are creating a video for a business in a certain niche it’s important that you become the expert in that business niche.  Current research will bring you up to speed on new technologies available, new problems people are having in your niche, new ways to solve problems, what discounts your competitors are offering, etc.

Research is important.  What was a popular fix or recommendation 10 years ago may not hold true today.  Even if you have had your own successful business for the past 20-30 years and you know your stuff and do not want to make changes it’s important that you are up on current trends and technologies.

You don’t have to make major changes to your business model but you do want to shine as the expert you are by showing your business still leads the way in today’s business world.

Step 3 – Take your current information you gathered about your business and current research and formulate an idea for a short 1-2 minute promo video for your business.

Because you gathered all the information you could find about your business and you did some current research you now should have some great ideas in your mind as to what you want to tell your customers about your business.

Keep in mind you are only going to have 2 minutes maximum to get your idea across.  Promo Videos over 2 minutes loose viewers attention. Put your video idea together targeting 1 or two main points you want to talk about.

Step 4  – Create a script for your video.  Now that you have an idea about what you want your video to be about it time to decide how to put everything together with a script.  Know what you want to say and how you want to say it before you even start creating your video.

Go ahead and time your script to see how long it takes you to say everything you want to say.  Remember to keep it under 2 minutes.

It could be that you just want to do a text video with back ground music.  That is fine too.  It’s your video and you can decide how you want to put it together.  If you need more ideas you can look around on my website to help you along.

Step 5 – Shoot some short video clips to go into your master video.  Make sure your audio is good in your video clips with out too much background noise.  Make sure we can hear your main talent on the video.  People will not tolerate bad audio.How-to-make-a-video-for-a-business

Make sure there is enough light so that we can see your video clips good.  Turn on all the lights were you are shooting your video.  Open the windows to let in the natural light.  You may have to add some lighting.  The important thing is make sure there is enough light so we can see you.

A Good practice to get in to is shooting some test video to make sure the audio and lighting is good.  This will make sure your video clips come out looking good.

Step 6 – Now that you have your video clips its time to tie everything together.  This is where your video creation software comes in.  Upload your video clips into your computer.  Scan in any ad slicks, photos, menus, etc that you want to use.

If you are using Explaindio or VideoMaker FX you just need to place your video clips or pictures on the time line to get started.

Once you have your video just the way you want it you need to save it to a Master HD Video File.  It’s important these days to create HD videos.  HD stands for High Definition.  People are use to seeing and expect HD Video.  Your video creation software should handle this task for you.

Step 7 – Now that you have your Master Video File you can upload your video any where you like on the internet.  You can place your video on your Facebook page, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Get that video out there so it can go to work for you bringing people to visit your online or off line business.

As a side note – It’s a good idea to upload your video to YouTube for two reasons.  1.  YouTube is currently the worlds second largest search engine. 2.  YouTube will host your video for free so it can be shared and played any time and anywhere on the internet.

If you want to learn more about making good videos for your business you can read an article I wrote here.



If you want to learn how to upload a video to YouTube or how to upload a video to Facebook you can read my articles here.



How To Start Your Own Online Business

It could be that you are reading this and you want to learn the real way to build a successful online business.  If you are currently struggling with your own online business and would like some help and excellent training I can help you with that.  Stop struggling and Let me give you the training you need to build a successful online business.  To learn more about building your own online business just click on the link below.



I hope this article was helpful to you.  I also have a page on my website that tells you all about free video editing software that you can try out.  The software I recommend will make it easier and quicker to get started but I did want you to be aware of some good free options out there as well.

Take some time and look around on my website.  There is a lot of great information available to you to help you with your video projects and online business projects.  If you have questions please leave them below.  I’m always happy to help.










6 thoughts on “How To Make A Video For A Business – Drive Traffic

  1. Great article! As I build a business and a website myself, I have been wanting to add some videos but wondered the best way to do so!

    These programs you suggest look like what I might need to be able to make videos but also give them that professional look any business builder/owner would want!

    Excited to try this out!

    1. Hi Abby,  Thanks for reading my article and leaving some comments.  Explaindio and VideoMaker FX are both great video creation software packages to learn how to make marketing videos for your business.  Both of these programs are designed with the new user in mind and are simple to learn how to make great videos.  Give them a try.  I promise you will love either program.  Please let me know if you have questions.



  2. Mitch,
    Thanks for the article, I’ve been wanting to make a video and add it to my website and YouTube channel. The advice about keeping it to 2 minutes is a great Idea. Two quick questions though, How do you add a clickable link for your website in the video itself? And have you had any success using paid video ads on You Tube or Facebook?

    1. Hi David,  Thanks for reading my article an leaving great comments.  Did you know that adding video to your website and building a YouTube channel will help boost your website’s rankings?  It’s true and making your own videos can pay off big.  

      To answer your questions:  Yes there is a program out there that I purchased the other day called VidEntice that will allow you to create clickable links in the video its self.  This is a very cool feature and when I learned about VidEntice I immediately purchased it.  I have not had time to properly review the product.  I know it works but before I will officially recommend it I want to make sure it’s a top shelf product and safe for my readers.  To answer your second question:  Yes I have had some success running paid video ads on Facebook.  My YouTube channel helps bring a steady flow of traffic and cost me $0.  I do recommend having your own YouTube channel because it’s a great way to host your videos for free and you can share and play your videos anywhere on the internet.

      I hope this helps and thanks again David for the great questions.  If you need help please let me know.


  3. Hi Mitch,
    i like your article. In fact, I am thinking about making my own videos about teaching European Portuguese, so I am happy that i found your article. Do you have also any alternatives to the softwares you are presenting, e.g. free software for beginners? Especially in the beginning, I would like to try first how it is going before investing in a more expensive software.
    Thanks and have a great day.

    1. Hi Mia,  Thanks for reading my article and leaving me some comments.  To answer your question:  Yes, I have a whole page on my website dedicated to free video software that you can try out and get your feet wet a little.  This will help give you a feel for editing your own videos.  You can check out some free video software here.

      I hope this helps and let me know if you have questions.


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