How To Make A Video For A Blog – Quick And Easy Steps

For all of you bloggers How-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-Blog-Quick-And-Easy-Stepsout there you know the importance of good communication and providing good  information for your viewers.  Video provides a great way to illustrate and add entertainment value to your blog post.  Today I want to talk about how to make a video for a blog.

If you have never made your own videos the process is not difficult but may seem a little overwhelming when you are first starting out.  I’m here today to make the process a little easier for you by giving you some best practice ideas and talk about some video creation software that will make it easier to get started.


Quick And Easy Steps

1.  Put Together A Plan – It’s important to put together a plan for your video before you start your project.  You need to decide simple things like: Do you want to be on or off camera?  How long do you want your video to be?  What are the capabilities of your video creation software?  What message or idea will you be presenting?  What is the best way to present your message or idea to your viewers?

These are just some simpleHow-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-Blog-Quick-And-Easy-Steps questions you need to be asking yourself before you start your video project.  Marketing Videos usually have the best effect when they are under 2 min. long.  A video for your blog may not necessarily be a marketing video and can be a little longer.  It will just depend on what subject you are talking about.  I do recommend keeping it under 5 minutes if you can but not required.

Take some time and put together a plan for your video .  If you spend the time up front and do a little planning your video project will go much smoother.

2.  Do Some Research – Now that you have done some planning around the topic of your video It’s important to do some research to make sure you are up on what is currently going on with your subject of choice.

Since this is a topic that is How-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-Blog-Quick-And-Easy-Stepsin your blog you may already be the expert here.  I have found that even if you are the expert a little research is still a good idea to make sure you are current.  There may be new technology available.  Maybe there is a new problem you have not heard of that you can provide solutions for.  It could be that you have been doing this for the past 20 years and now there is a new way people have started doing things for one reason or another.

Take the time to do a little research before you create your video for your blog.  You want to come across as the expert that people can trust and a great way to do this is by being current on the latest information available.  You will also find that you are connecting with more readers / viewers if you have the latest technology and information on the subject.

3.  Create A Script – So you have done your planning for the type of video you want to put together and you have done your research.  You are sitting in a good place right now and should be feeling more confident about your video project.  Now it’s time to prepare a script.  It’s important to know what you want to say and how it needs to be said.

This is where IHow-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-Blog-Quick-And-Easy-Steps generally get a little push back from my readers.  Most people do not want to write out everything they are going to say.   I can agree with that.  What I’m saying is you need to list out your main points of conversation and write down what needs to be said.

The whole point of a script is to make sure you are saying or listing what needs said.  A Script will ensure you do not forget to talk about something you intended to talk about.  You do not have to say your script word for word but keep it handy as a good reminder of what needs to be discussed.

If you have your script ready when you do your video it will prevent you from looking like you do not know what you are talking about because you are at a loss for words.

4.  Shoot Some Live Video Clips – Now It’s time for the fun part!  Take out your video camera and shoot some short video clips that can be used in your video.  You will want to capture on video the main points you need to discuss.  You can also capture some fun clips to add to your video just to spice it up a bit.  It just depends on what your video topic is about.  Capture some relevant video footage for your project

Lighting – Make sure you haveHow-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-Blog-Quick-And-Easy-Steps enough light when you shoot your video.  If you are indoors make sure all the lights are on and open the blinds so the natural sunlight comes in.  Make sure there is enough light so we can see you.

Audio – Make sure the audio is good.  People will not tolerate bad audio which means if your audio is bad no one will watch your video.  You can use the microphone on your video camera, just make sure the camera is close enough to your talent to pick up the audio.  Watch out for too much back ground noise.  It’s best to shoot your video clips in a quiet location.

I find it is best to shoot 10-30 seconds of footage as a test run before you try and capture the whole video clip.  Shoot 10-30 of video and then play it back to make sure everything looks good.  Then shoot your complete clip.  This will save you a lot of time later when you are trying to edit everything together.

5.  Create Your Master Video – Now that you have your video clips done it’s time to put together your master video.  This is where a good Video Creation Software will help make things easy to put together and save you some time.

If you already have a good video creation software package that you like then you are all set.  If you need a good software I use and recommend Explaindio or VideoMaker FX.  Both of these software packages are great for beginners and pros alike. Both make things quick and simple to get your video production done in record time.

The first thing you need to doHow-To-Make-A-Video-For-A-Blog-Quick-And-Easy-Steps is load the video clips from your camera into your computer you will be doing the editing on.  Upload the clips to your computer and save them where you can find them easily.  You can also use photos and photographs to help you illustrate here.  You can find a lot of great photos and illustrations for free at  All the photos here are royalty free and you can use them in all of your projects.

Next open your video software and start loading in your photos and video clips to the time line on your software.  One reason I like Explaindio is because for each scene I create I can also add animated text, or draw the scene in a whiteboard sketch and then the scene will fade to video.  It’s a cool effect that I use on a lot of my projects.

The idea here is to create a smooth flowing and uninterrupted video.  A good video will capture your viewers attention quickly and then engage your viewers to hold their attention.  It’s important to keep your video moving along with out dead spots or poor edits that interrupt the viewing experience.

You can add in a music bed if you want some quiet background music to go along with your video.  You can also add in what is called a Voice Over.  This is you or another person doing a narration along with the video.  A good video creation software package will make it simple to add in these elements.

Once you have your video just the way you want it save it to a master file.  You want to keep all of your editing you have completed just in case you want to go in and make changes later.  Also you need to create a master HD Video File that you can upload to the internet and use where ever you want.

You can embed your video into your website or blog instead of copying and pasting.  When you embed your video this keeps the video from slowing down your website.  I will provide you with instructions on how to embed your video into a WordPress website here.





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I hope this article was helpful to you.  Please take a moment to look around on my website.  There is a lot of good free information here to help you get started making pro videos and help you get started with your own successful online business.  If you have questions or comments please leave them below and I will be happy to get back with you.

Thanks for stopping by and best of luck to you!





6 thoughts on “How To Make A Video For A Blog – Quick And Easy Steps

  1. Mitch,
    Thanks for the helpful how-to-make-a-video-for-a-blog-quick-and-easy-steps tutorial.
    Videos have definitely become the best way to boost traffic to a website.
    A recent statistic that I read said: “By 2017, video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic”. Wow.
    I’ve been using VideoMaker FX but would like to try Explaindio because of the unique whiteboard sketch to video feature. It looks great in your videos.
    Roughly how long does it take to make a 2-minute video from scratch? I realize each video is different but how about the ones in your article?

    1. Hi Ed, Thanks for reading my article and leaving some comments.  Videos continue to grow in popularity and it is important to have videos connected to any business in order to thrive and draw more customers.  The statistic you listed is correct and YouTube is currently the worlds second largest search engine.  I use YouTube for a lot of fixer upper videos to help me get some projects done around the house.  It’s a great tool and people use YouTube for the information it provides.  

      Explaindio is a great video creation software package.  I just use the basic $59 personal version and it works great for me.  There are 4-5 up-sells you can get to go along with Explaindio like the template club that are a pretty good idea for some folks.  Just depends on your style and size of your check book.  There are some folks out there that say you have to buy the Explaindio up-sells in order for it to work.  That is not true.  

      To answer your question – Once you learn the basics of Explaindio and know where to resource your photos and video clips for projects (Pixabay is a great free resource) you can easily put together a 2 minute video in 20 – 30 minutes. I think the video I made for this article probably took me around 20 minutes and I was just taking my time sorting through photos and playing with different fonts.  If I were in a race I could put this video together in 10 minutes.  

      Explaindio and VideoMaker FX are both great resources for making your own videos and saving a lot of money.  I lean more to Explaindio because it has a couple of effects that VideoMaker FX dose not have.  Like I said though, both products are very good.

      Thanks again Ed for leaving some comments and reading my article.  If you have more questions please let me know.


  2. Hey Mitch,
    I have been involved in creating website for a few years, and I have been thinking about trying my hand ay creating video.
    You have given me a lot of great info, and a good starting point, Thank You!
    I noticed that you mentioned using the Video Maker FX software, I was wondering if this is a good product for a beginner such as my self?
    Thanks Brendon

    1. Hi Brendon,  Thanks for reading my article and leaving some comments.  I think you should get started right away making your own videos.  It’s important to have your own videos online.  This helps drive traffic and gives your bolg or website more seo power.  

      I use and highly recommend Explaindio and VideoMaker FX is a good product too.  Both of these software packages make it supper easy to get started making your own videos.  Especially good for beginners.  Click on the links and read my reviews on each software package.

      Thanks for stopping by and one more thing..  each software packages has a 30 day money back guarantee if your not completely satisfied.



  3. Great post. I’ve just started up my own YouTube channel and have been posting my videos on my blog. Been getting very good reactions from people. It works both ways, use YouTube to promote your site and use your site to promote your YouTube.

    Thanks for the interesting and very informative read!

    1. HI Hannah,  I think YouTube is a great idea and is currently the worlds second largest search engine.  Yes..  use YouTube to proote your site and use your site to promote your YouTube channel.  Thanks for reading and posting!


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