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Welcome to Easy Marketing Videos.  Today I want to provide you with an Explaindio 3 Review.  Explaindio is a great video creation software package that makes it easy to start creating your own videos.  I want to talk about the real features and benefits of using Explaindio and I will also share some of the negatives that I find In Explaindio.

I actually use Explaindio to make 4-5 videos per week so I know Explaindio well and am happy to share my working knowledge with you.  Hope you enjoy.

Explaindio-3-Review-Create-an-awesome-videoDid you know that video has become the number one way for businesses to communicate with their target audience online?  It’s true.  I mean just look around you. Everyone is on their phones all the time.  We talk with our friends and family online. We get our homework assignments online.  We read our work email online.  We all love to socialize online and today it’s so easy to share anything with anyone online.

This provides a huge opportunity for us to get in front of our target audience with a great video to drive traffic to our businesses and websites.  Today I’m going to look at Explaindio which is a video creation software designed to create professional quality videos quick and easy for your business.

Explaindio  Features

  • Explaindio  will allow you to create 2d and 3d animation and white board sketch elements.
  • You can import your own video clips and files for your project or use some of the stock footage that comes with the software, or both.
  • Easily combine 2d,3d, whiteboard sketch, and full motion video into one powerful attention grabbing video.
  • Not cloud based.
  • You do not need video production experience.
  • Very easy to use point and click software.
  • Easy to go in and make changes to your video any time you want to.  This means you don’t have to pay someone to reproduce you video for you.
  • Creates professional HD quality video.
  • Import video in most popular formats like AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, & MP4.
  • You have full rights to your videos.  No water marks.
  • Live sketch to video transitions.  This is really cool!
  • Large arsenal of tutorial videos.
  • 300 fonts free.
  • 300 Stock photo images free.
  • Six animated characters free.
  • Music for soundbeds free.
  • Multiple animations at the same time.
  • Full 3d animations.
  • Ability to import external 3d elements.
  • 3d models and animation customization.
  • 180+ pre made text animations.  You can enter your own text.
  • 140+ pre made video, image, doodle object animations.
  • Youzign and Pixabay integration to easily bring in royalty free images and video.
  • Easy video creation wizard.
  • Key frame animation.
  • Huge selection of built in transitions.
  • Personal version only cost $59.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.


The list goes on and on.  Explaindio 3 is a power house video creation software at an unheard of price.  It’s super easy to use even if you are new to video editing and your videos will be produced in professional HD quality.  Just above you will find a price comparison table that points out feature differences in some competing software packages available online.


What You Get With Explaindio

Explaindio really is a great video creation software package.  If you are new to creating videos Explaindio can be learned quickly and then you can easily start making your own pro videos.


Explaindio Personal Version $59 

I use the personal version of Explaindio which cost me $59 and that is all I use.  You can buy the up sales that Explaindio offers and you will have more options for your videos but this is not a requirement.  I bought Explaindio to create simple videos to drive traffic to my website.  You can do this too.

I looked around online at some of the other Explaindio reviews and I noticed that some of the reviews were negative about Explaindio in the fact that they said you have to spend over $500 dollars to effectively use Explaindio.  Nothing could be further from the truth and this just shows that the person who wrote the negative review hasn’t taken the time to buy and learn how Explaindio works.

Explaindio Commercial Version $69

If you are interested in making videos to sell to business owners and different clients you will want to buy the commercial version of Explaindio for $69.



Explaindio Tutorial Videos

Explaindio comes with over 25 tutorial videos that you can use to quickly learn how to effectively use Explaindio.  I do highly recommend you watch and use the tutorial videos to get started with Explaindio.  This will make it easier and quicker to start making your own videos with out confusion.

There is also another source of tutorial videos for Explaindio that I recommend by Anthony Godinho.  I found Anthony’s Explaindio tips very useful and I think you will too.  You can check them out here and also get a good idea about how Explaindio works.

Explaindio Cons – What Explaindio Could Do Better

I got my start in this business working with audio.  Audio is a very powerful part of any video and needs to be done correctly.

You can add your own audio tracks to your Explaindio projects and Explaindio comes with 20 free audio tracks.  This is a great feature and well done.  However at the end of the video I like to fade out my audio.  Currently Explaindio will not allow any edits on the audio timeline.  Not a big deal but I do prefer to be able to add a fade up and fade out.

How I get around this problem?  I use a second audio and video editor that I have on hand to edit my audio tracks.  Not a requirement but I like the fades.  I use VideoPad by NCH Software.  You can try it for free if you are interested.  I think it cost around $40 but is a great little editor to enhance your videos with.

Explaindio is set up to be able to add any audio sound bed tracks that you want and you can also do a voice over recording inside the Explaindio Software.  This is a great feature I just wish I could do the fades inside of Explaindio.

Other than the fade issue I absolutely love Explaindio and I only have $59 invested and I can make great looking videos all day long to drive traffic to my website.  You should try Explaindio if you are interested in making your own videos.

Explaindio is not perfect but none of the software packages out there are.  Explaindio is very affordable at $59 / $69 and will allow you to make very powerful and engaging videos.

A Little History Lesson About Video

In the past small business owners could not afford professional video production.  It was too expensive and simply out of reach if you were working on a small budget.  We are truly living in a new world where we now have professional video creation software at our fingertips to create absolutely amazing videos at an affordable price.

Now more businesses, marketers, entrepreneurs, and educators can produce professional Hd videos whenever they want and at a very affordable price to get their message out.  Creating professional video content has never been easier and affordable.

You could pay up to $10,000 for a five minute video made for you in the past.  Now you can make the same video with Explaindio and it cost you $59 for all the videos you can make in one year.

Youtube is currently the number two search engine in the world.  You should be leveraging YouTube and other search engines to drive customers to your website or brick and mortar business.

Here is a short video I made the day I got Explaindio.  It took me about 20 minuets to put this together after I watched the tutorial videos

Online Video Facts

Did you know that your online business or marketing video is  an online reflection of your business?  Visitors judge your business from watching your video.  This is why it is so important to create a professional looking video.  If a visitor see’s your video and they don’t like it they just click away and are gone for good.  The first impression is critical.

The next most important thing is grabbing your visitors attention.  In the first 2-3 seconds your customers will decide if they like the video.  If they like it the next 2-3 seconds will need to grab their attention.  You have less than 10 seconds to get your viewers attention and engage them.

Once the viewer is engaged it’s time to build the trust.  You have to convince the viewer that you are the authority in your business market and they can trust you to take care of them.


You might be thinking to yourself..  That’s a tall order and you would be right!  How am i going to accomplish this?  This is where Explaindio can help you make an attention grabbing, trust building and engaging video for your customers.

Explaindio is a true point and click software that makes the video production process super easy and that frees up your creativity.   It’s important to use more motion, animation, full motion video, and white board sketch or doodle video combined to hold the viewers attention.

Explaindio has all these features built in and it’s just a point and click to add any of these elements into your video.  By combining all four elements into your video you have a greater chance of keeping your viewers engaged.  It would cost thousands of dollars to hire out a complex video like this to be created for you.  You wold need a graphics expert, a programmer to create the 2d, 3d, and white board sketch scenes, and you would also need some full motion video that you could provide yourself or have it done for you.  Again, you’re looking at a lot of time and a lot of money to hire out a project like this and it could cost you up to $10,000 to hire out a five minute video.



Do I Need The Up-Sells?

Explaindio offers some up-sells that are pretty good.  Do you need them?  I will leave that up to you.  It depends on how many videos you will be making.  Some people find it difficult to be creative and the up sells Explaindio offers can help give you more options.  Explaindio offers a Template Club which gives you monthly pre made templates and is a very nice program and time saver.  You can check out details about the trial version here.

I do highly recommend Explaindio  for your video production.  Why?  Because it is very versatile, very affordable, and can get the job done quickly.  Remember the right video creation software will do what you need it to do and at a price you can afford.  Explaindio will allow you to create a highly engaging, attention grabbing video with all the elements:  2d, 3d, white board sketch, effects, and full motion video.

Explaindio Personal is $59 / Year Make as many videos as you like for your business and you own all the rights to your videos and can use them where ever you like.

Explaindio Commercial Version is $69 / Year.  If you want to make videos and sell them to companies you will need Explaindio commercial for the resale rights.

All you need for an awesome video is the basic package.  Let me know if you have questions on their other products.  I will be doing reviews on the up sells in the days to come.


I hope this review was helpful to you.  It is my intention to bring you value packed video creation software at a great price and I believe Explaindio delivers.  If you have questions or comments please feel free to add them to the page here and I will reply to you.  Best luck with your video creation projects and come back often as I am always adding new content to Easymarketingvideos.com.




6 thoughts on “Explaindio 3 Review – Create An Awesome Video

  1. I’m a big fan of whiteboard animation, but my attempts to have affordable projects competed on Fiverr have been disappointing.

    The price is very attractive considering the money I’ve already spent on work that I was not able to use.

    And I really just can’t NOT pay someone $10 dollars for a project they tried their best on but couldn’t quite satisfy me.

    My only question is how can you get custom animation by just pointing and clicking?

    1. Hi Chazz,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my article. White board animation is a great way to get your viewers attention. It instantly engages the viewers and holds their attention. Just imagine a video with full motion hd video, white board animation, and 2d,3d animation with special effects. That would be an explaindio video.

      I have used Fiverr in the past also and had mixed results. Sure you can get it done for $5 but then you have to pay another $5-$100 for commercial rights and things like that.

      To answer your question Explaindio comes pre loaded with over 100 video, image, and doodle (whiteboard) animations. When you are creating your video you can select the pre made animation of your choice, add your own text and Explaindio will create it for you. You can also expand your library by uploading your own animations or Explaindio has a libraries or templates you can purchase if you want. The personal version of Explaindio will get you up and running quickly, you have full control of your project and it cost $59. This will save you time, money, and frustration for about the same cost as 2-3 Fiverr gigs.

      If you have any other questions just let me know. I’m happy to help.


      1. Explaindio is a must have for me. But it’s on my backburner. I’ll definitely come back here and get it through you when I’m ready.

  2. This was a very helpful review! I know exactly what you mean about video being watched everywhere! By everyone! $59 does not seem too much for a video program. What would be your cheapest but still best, video creating program? I want to make better videos but I am broke…

    1. Hi Kenny,

      Thanks for taking time to visit my website. It’s true, videos are a very important part of any business these days. There are some other options for spending less on video creation software but I should point out most of the video editing software’s out there start around $300 and go up from there. The worst part is they do not do half of what Explaindio 3.0 will do and can take months to learn how to use. My other recommendation for a great video creation software would be VideoMaker FX. It’s on sale for $47 right now and is a point and click easy to use software. You can learn Explaindio or VideoMaker FX in a couple of hours vs a couple of months.. You can find it on my home page if you are interested. This software is a lot like Explaindio 3.0.

      I have a “Free Video Creation Software” page on my website that tells you where you can get some good software for free to start making videos. These are good software choices for free but you will also be dealing with the learning curve.

      The whole point of my website is to give you quick video production at a great price and easy to use software.

      I hope this has been helpful to you. Please let me know if you need anything else.



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