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One of the most important toolsBuild-free-website you need to promote your business online is a professional website.  Today I want to show you how to build a Free Website. If you are looking for The Best Website Building Platform on the internet you need SiteRubix.  Below I’m going to tell you a little about SiteRubix and why It is the best Website Builder and used and trusted by the Pros.  The best part is you can build your first two professional websites Absolutely Free Today!  No Credit Card Required!  Let’s get you started on your journey to creating your own online business with some great free training and 2 professional and Free websites.  I’m going to tell you all about SiteRubix and the advantages, and Free Training you will get with SiteRubix.

Why I Choose SiteRubix

The website builder I use and the only one that I recommend is called SiteRubix.  The reason SiteRubix is the only website builder I use and recommend is because it truly is the very best.  SiteRubix uses the WordPress platform as the foundation to your website.  Everyone knows that WordPress is the most dependable, secure, and flexible website platform on the internet.  Millions of businesses and entrepreneurs trust their business to WordPress because of the secure hosting and a large arsenal of tools.

The only problem with using WordPress as a stand alone builder is that you have to figure out all the technical issues and problems on your own.  If you are new to building and setting up a website, or have no technical skills you are going to run into some technical problems.

This is where SiteRubix comes in.  SiteRubix Handles All Of The Technical Stuff For You.  No Technical Skills Are Required when you build your website with SiteRubix.   All you have to do is select a website theme that you want and click on it to have it built in about 30 seconds and you are done!

What Can SiteRubix Do For Me?build-free-website

  • 2 Free Websites – Turn Your Passion Into A Thriving Online Business.
  • Free Online Business And Marketing Training.
  • Free Technical Support.  No Technical Skills Are Required.
  • Free Tools
  • Free Admission Into Wealthy Affiliate and Specialized Training.
  • Free Access To Wealthy Affiliates 850,000 member community to help you learn, grow, and network.
  • Free Feedback On Your Website From Experienced Entrepreneurs
  • All Technical Aspects Are Handled By SiteRubix Free.
  • Free Hosting
  • Free Protection From Hacking, Spam, Malware, and Malicious Activity.
  • The Worlds Easiest Website Builder Free.
  • Thousands Of Professional Designs Free.
  • Over 50,000 Features And Tools That You Can Add To Your Website.  Most Are Free!
  • Mobile Responsive Designs Free.
  • SiteRubix Are Experts In Technology So You Don’t Have To Be.  FREE!

This is just a small list of why I choose SiteRubix and You Should Too!  There are other website builder platforms on the internet and some of them are pretty darn slick but..  they do not offer the Free Business and Marketing Training that is used by today’s professionals.  They do not use the Trusted and Superior WordPress platform.




Build A Free Website

What are you waiting for?  Pick out your domain name below and get your Two Free Websites!  I’m giving them to you right now. FREE!!   You don’t owe me a thing and you wont owe SiteRubix a penny.  I Highly Recommend You Take Full Advantage Of The Free Training.


If You Want To Learn More About SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate Just Click Here


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8 thoughts on “Build A Free Website

  1. Hi Mitch
    This WordPress website building platform is attractive to me. I’ve tried using the WordPress option (where you are on their subdomain) but got stuck.
    The free training with the free website hosting may be just what i’m looking for.
    Finding the right training has been difficult, as there are many promises made, but few deliver.
    Thanks for a great suggestion. I’ll try it out.

    1. Hi Greg,  Thanks for stopping by and reading my article.  Congratulations on getting started with Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix.  I know you will love the training and websites.

      I really like the WordPress platform.  Before I found SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate I tried WordPress on my own and I got stuck too.  I knew it was a good platform but too many technical hurdles for me.  

      I tried 3 or 4 different builder platforms out there and the results were always the same.  Too many technical hurdles on top of everything else that goes along with building your own online business.  Try out Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix.  I promise you will not get stuck because they do all the technical stuff for you.  You may get stuck a little but there is more than 800,000 members so someone is always there to help out and tech support is there 24/ 7.  I’ve had to email tech support several times and they got back to me in just a couple of minuets.  I couldn’t believe it!  Also the internet marketing training is the best out there.  It’s FREE!  Take advantage of this.  Please let me know if you need anything.  i’m always happy to help.


  2. Hi Mitch! I have always wanted to build websites for just a hobby but never managed to find something free and as good.
    I have used siterubix for a while now and I have to say it is really good for something free as there are always cons in free stuff such as ads, etc but siterubix really does not have, and furthermore, it has so many features that many hosting providers do not have!

    Totally agree with you on SiteRubix and really recommend everyone to give it a try if you’re trying to get a good yet free hosting provider!

    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by.  I have to agree with you.  When I started using SiteRubix I was very pleased with the caliber of service and the quality of the websites and tools available all for free.  SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate truly are a winning combination if you want the best training and websites.  Oh Yea..  It’s FREE to start and see for yourself.  Thanks again for your testimony and please let me know if you have questions or need any help.



  3. Hi, Mitch, and thanks for the review! I agree, SiteRubix has been just the thing for me. My most recent training in computers was in college back in the stone age (70’s), so website-building was and is very new to me. I was thrilled to find out about SiteRubix and their very fast – and free! – support, and the easy-to-use, secure, and fast WordPress platform. I’m looking forward to online success with SiteRubix at my side!

    1. Hi Bobby,  Thanks for stopping by.  Thanks for giving us feedback on your experience with SiteRubix.  I have tried several other website builders and none come close to matching all the features and benefits of SiteRubix.  Stop by any time and let me know how your website is coming along from time to time.



  4. Hello Mitch
    thanks for sharing your tips on building a free website.Now you mention building the website totally free of charge, now as you mention, not all of us are tech savvy so having a website remains a dream to most of us.
    Now I have never heard of siteRubix before, you mention it belongs to Wealthy Affiliate and it`s free.Does that mean that if I at one time decide to leave Wealthy Affiliate I will also lose my SiteRubix? will I be able to take everything with me to a new website builder like wix or to any place of my choice?

    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by.  This is exactly why I recommend SiteRubix.  For all the non tech savvy folks out there SiteRubix handles all of the technical issues for you for free.  Plus there are over 800,000 members in Wealthy Affiliate that are all happy to help you out as well if you get stuck.  

      Wealthy Affiliate provides the free training you get with your free websites at SiteRubix.  If you decide you no longer want to train with Wealthy Affiliate you will still have your website at SiteRubix.  They do not force you into being a part of their excellent free training.  If you decide you no longer want to have your website with SiteRubix (where you get free hosting and free SSL protection and many other free great services) and want to go to Wix or a similar site where you will have to pay for hosting, then you can have your domain name transferred to the new website you will be building.  

      I hope this helps and if you have more questions please leave them below.  I’m always happy to help.



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